Tally Integrations’ New Feature: Custom Tax Rates

Tally Integrations’ New Feature: Custom Tax Rates, Tally

Dealing with customers in different states, provinces and countries can be challenging. With Tally’s new capability to handle custom tax rates, you can effortlessly manage different types of taxes, while simplifying your tax tracking process.

QuickBooks, a leading accounting software, already allows you to track sales tax automatically. However, there are cases where you might need to set up custom tax rates for other types of taxes, such as meals or excise tax. Bringing this information into Salesforce (where Tally allows customers to issue their invoices from) was another part of the challenge that we sought to solve. Tally’s QuickBooks and Salesforce integration makes it easy for you to add your these custom tax rates, right from Salesforce! Then configure them as needed, and according to your business needs.

One of the key benefits of custom tax rates is flexibility. If you have recently switched from manual sales tax tracking, you can continue tracking sales tax manually with custom rates. This allows you to maintain consistency in your tax tracking process, even after transitioning to an automated system. Additionally, you can use custom rates to manually track special tax rates which aren’t being automatically calculated in QuickBooks. This includes items such as meals or excise tax, ensuring that your tax calculations are accurate, and fully compliant.

Adding a custom tax rate to an invoice is easy and user-friendly. You can simply add your own custom tax rates through the intuitive interface and choose whether you want to apply the tax before or after discounting. This level of flexibility allows you to customize your tax calculations to align with your specific business requirements. You no longer have to worry about complex tax calculations or manually adjusting sales tax rates based on discounts – Tally Integrations’ QuickBooks and Salesforce integration takes care of it all for you.

Another advantage of using custom tax rates in Tally Integrations’ QuickBooks and Salesforce integration is the seamless integration with Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This integration allows you to automatically sync your sales data between QuickBooks and Salesforce, ensuring that your tax calculations are accurately reflected in both systems. You can easily manage your sales tax rates in QuickBooks, and the changes will be automatically reflected in Salesforce, saving you time and effort in reconciling tax data between different platforms.

Custom tax rates in Tally’s QuickBooks and Salesforce integration provides a powerful solution for simplifying your tax tracking process. With the ability to add your own custom tax rates and configure them according to your business needs, you can easily track different types of taxes, manually track special tax rates, and customize how taxes are being calculated. The seamless integration with Salesforce ensures that your tax data is accurately synced between systems, saving you time and effort in managing the process. Say goodbye to complex tax calculations and manual adjustments – streamline your tax tracking process with Tally Integrations’ QuickBooks and Salesforce integration’s custom tax rates feature. Try it out today and experience the convenience and efficiency of automated tax tracking for your business!

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