Process CC & ACH Payments without leaving Salesforce.

Tally accepts Credit Cards and ACH payments with QuickBooks Online. Customers can pay using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover using our QuickBooks payment processing module. 

Payment Processing, Tally

A Full-fledged Payments Platform

Payment Processing, Tally

Integrated With Your QuickBooks Merchant

There is no need to connect to your merchant for Payment Processing. As long as you are able to process payments in QuickBooks, Tally's Payment Processing Add-On works perfectly in Salesforce.

Payment Processing, Tally

Charge Any Amount

Take deposits, partial payments, or charge the invoice in full. With Tally's Payment Processing Add-On, you have the flexibility to charge in accordance with how you collect.

Payment Processing, Tally

Auto-Relate Payments To An Invoice

All payments made on an invoice are automatically stored on the invoice record, for your future reference, and reporting purposes. Historical payments can be accessed by selecting the "Show Payments" button on an invoice.

Payment Processing, Tally

Store Payment Methods

Store CC & ACH Payment Methods, to be charged again in the future. Payment methods are Tokenized, stored in QuickBooks, and called by a reference ID when processing. This ensures financial data remains in full PCI compliance.

Payment Processing, Tally

Compatible With Recurring Billing

Saved Payment methods can be used with Tally's automated Recurring Billing Add-On. You can now process payments automatically, on a recurring basis.

Payment Processing, Tally

Add Or Revoke Privileges

From creating and sending Invoices, to charging a Payment Method on file, users have full control over who can access what, using Permission Sets in Salesforce. Add or remove privileges to directly align with your desired business process.

Credit Card Payment Processing

Process Payments directly from Invoices inside of Salesforce. With Tally, you can process the entire payment, a deposit, or any partial amount of your choosing. If an outstanding balance remains, the Invoice Status will reflect as “Partially Paid”.

Payment Method’s saved in Quickbooks can be called out from Salesforce at any point in time to be processed again in the future.

Payments nest in your Invoice

All received payments relate to the invoice off which the payment was processed.

Save Cards
While Staying Compliant

The token entity lets Tally create opaque containers to mask cardholder’s credit card or bank account info. Tally then uses the token to make API calls and process payments without reading or exposing any private info.

 This is the preferred way to send credit card information and maintain PCI compliance

How it works


Generate Invoice


Enter Amount to Charge


Use Saved Payment Method, or update.


process payment

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