Class Tracking
Directly Out
Of Salesforce

Use QuickBooks class tracking to categorize and track income, expenses, and other financial transactions in a more granular and organized manner directly out of Salesforce.

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Add a Class per line item

Manually select a synched class when adding products to an invoice.

Automatic Sync

When a new class is added to QuickBooks, it becomes immediately available for use in Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual syncing.

Create new Classes

No need to access QuickBooks to create a new class. Create it directly from Salesforce, and it will be reflected in QuickBooks.

Salesforce and QuickBooks Class Tracking, Tally

Automate QuickBooks Class Tracking in Salesforce

Utilize the potential of Salesforce flows to add a class to line items. Some of our Subscribers use events related to an invoice record to toss a class on line items. How would you do it?

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Tally Quickbooks and salesforce Integration

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