Full-Fledged QuickBooks And Salesforce

Improve Business Performance and Increase Efficiency by integrating Salesforce And QuickBooks without sacrificing functionality with Tally Integrations.

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QuickBooks And Salesforce Integration

Same UI
Same Functionality

Dive in and send out. There’s no learning curve with Tally Integrations. Send out invoices directly from an Salesforce, using literally the same UI as you would in Quickbooks. 

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How it works


Sync Invoice Data, Products And Services, Customers and accounts


Charge A Credit Card, Debit Card Or, Set-Up Periodic ACH Payments


Send Estimates And Invoices


Create purchase orders

Send Invoices Without leaving your desired object.

Tally’s flexible invoice platform allows reps to fully customize, control, and automate how a customer is billed. 

Set your terms; Salesforce does the rest! 

Recurring Invoicing

Give Customers full flexibility to define their own Billing Frequency, and Term Length, of a Recurring Billing sequence. Set your terms and preferences. Tally does the rest!

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Process CC & ACH Payments without leaving Salesforce

Tally accepts Credit Cards and ACH payments with QuickBooks Online. Customers can pay using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


Estimates, invoices, or whatever you want to call them, Tally’s QuickBooks And Salesforce Integration makes it easy! You can manually generate estimates from Salesforce, and if those estimates get approved by your customer, they will reflect in Salesforce as approved.

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Unify your Quickbooks And Salesforce Integration experience directly from Salesforce.
Tally Quickbooks and salesforce Integration

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