New Feature: Salesforce + QuickBooks Class Tracking

New Feature: Salesforce + QuickBooks Class Tracking, Tally

At Tally, we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of businesses, and constantly strive to enhance our offering to simplify Financial Management. One such recent addition to our feature set is the integration with QuickBooks Class Tracking; allowing businesses to classify income and expenses by a specific department, location, project, or event.

What is QuickBooks Class Tracking?

QuickBooks Class Tracking is an available feature that enables businesses to categorize income and expenses into different classes based on various criteria. Classes are like labels, or tags, that can be assigned to transactions, allowing businesses to analyze and report on financial data separated by organizational segments. Examples of segments include (but are not limited to) department, location, project, or a specific event. With Class Tracking, you gain valuable insight into these different segments of the business are performing financially. What you choose to do with that information, is entirely up to you! 

How Does Tally Integrations Utilize QuickBooks Class Tracking?

Tally Integrations has taken QuickBooks Class Tracking a step further by allowing businesses to associate Classes with a specific Invoice Line Item in Salesforce. This allows businesses to categorize each line item on their invoices with a specific Class, for more granular tracking of categorized income and expenses. 

For example, a construction company can use classes to track income and expenses across different projects, such as residential and commercial projects; OR projects by location, or departments within each project. This type of tracking enables businesses to better understand their financials, and make strategic decisions with informed knowledge of how to grow the business! 

Benefits of QuickBooks Class Tracking with Tally Integrations

Enhanced Financial Reporting: By associating classes with line items on invoices.

Improved Decision Making: Leverage accurate financial data to drive overarching business strategy.

Streamlined Accounting Processes: Simplify the accounting process by automating the categorization of income and expenses based on classes.

Customized Tracking: Tally Integrations’ QuickBooks Class Tracking feature allows businesses to customize their tracking based on their unique requirements.  This flexibility allows businesses to adapt the feature to their specific needs and gain insights that are most relevant to their operations.


Tally Integrations’ new feature of QuickBooks Class Tracking makes for a valuable addition to our QuickBooks and Salesforce Integration; as well as your Salesforce reporting engine! This is just one example of Tally’s continued commitment to innovate, and deliver advanced features to simplify financial management for businesses and help them achieve their financial goals. You can enable QuickBooks Class tracking in QuickBooks which will reflect in Salesforce.

For more information on how you can con leverage Classes in Salesforce for your business, contact our Solutions Team at 

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